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Fast. Cheap. Painless.

We represent the commercial interests of your customers in the Chinese market.

Our Advantages

Fast Delivery

The optimal transport logistics and the use of large vehicles allow us to offer a favorable price of freight traffic.

Branched Network

We have a widespread network of offices and centers allowing us to take care of your cargo and deliver it quickly to the destination.

24/7 Support

Our Company offers extensive 24/7 support giving you an opportunity to take care about your cargo every step of its way.

Document Preparation

Our managers will prepare all necessary documentation to get your load to any point on the map as soon as possible.


Complete follow-up of the order, from the beginning of the order until the product is unloaded in the customer's warehouse, with the proper quality controls of origin and ensuring that the characteristics of the product meet the client's requirements.


Total transparency regarding prices and conditions with the Chinese supplier, which are negotiated at all times by the client.

Leaders create trust with their sincerity, transparency and merit: be honest with everyone in the company. Simplicity and humility is very important.
(Jack Welch)
Derivative Procedures
Marine Transport

Management of derivatives of maritime transport.

Air Transport

Management of air transport derivatives.

Customs clearance service.

Cordova Corporation full-service warehouses are strategically located throughout the city. Whether you need short-term regional storage services or long-term warehousing, order fulfillment, logistics and distribution solutions, we have the facilities and expertise to help. We can also organize the delivery to any storage.

Distributing is closely connected with distribution, and that’s why we designed our distribution solutions as a strategic way to add value to your business. We understand the movement of goods across suppliers, and customers. It's about getting things where they need to be, exactly when they need to be there.

We have the resources and equipment to handle containerized loads, both for unloading or loading, employing either mechanical or manual handling methods if necessary. We think out the planning of the storage for our clients so that their cargo could be kept in a safe place straight after its delivery by our drivers.

Our logistics centers play a vital role in storing of your load. They are used not only for raw materials and inventories storage but also invigorate logistics of our clients as the strategic basis for supply chain management (SCM) which can perform up to distribution processing and pre-processing operations.