It is a store specialized in crafts, crafts and scrap We only offer what we believe in and what we understand. And we are always learning and looking for new products so you do not miss anything.

We think that anything can become a unique object if you work with passion and creativity, we love 'doing things with other things' and that's why we started in the world of crafts. We started as an amateur, looking for materials and objects to make our own creations. It was then that we had difficulties that we did not expect: we did not find the material, we did not know where to buy it or how to use it, we did not know the utensils ... We saw that these same doubts could have other people and we thought about creating an online store that would cover these needs and facilitate the task to the passionate about this world. An idea that served as the engine to build what is now our company, Material for Crafts.


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We use only eco-friendly vehicles to carry out transportation.

Our carriers have successfully passed all the emissions tests, so if your company states care about nature as your primary feature, it will be true on all stages including transportation. We can additionally certify your products as eco-friendly thanks to our partnership with the largest independent testing agencies.